Cheteshwar Pujara-‘The Wall’ under reconstruction.


Pujara, with his innings of 202 off 525 balls in the 3rd test at Ranchi has entered the record books for a couple of reasons

  • First Indian cricket player to face more than 500 balls in a test match.
  • Fifth slowest double century by a batsman in test match cricket.

Well, when we talk about test cricket, the first must have  quality that comes to our mind is temperament and we all know that Rahul Dravid has mastered it with ease through out his career.

India had a wall at no. 3 position in test cricket for almost about 10 years and now they have almost re-built the wall back in the form of Cheteshwar Pujara.

Pujara has a similar technique to that of Rahul Dravid which is slightly old fashioned with a touch of class of his own. He has shaped his batting watching the legendary Rahul Dravid and exhibits some of those features in the domestic circuit as well.

And now, let the numbers talk. I will show you stats comparision between Dravid’s first 55 test matches and pujara’s 47 test matches so far.




Pujara though is not up to the mark to rahul dravid when the away record is considered. His away stats are as follows


With the current form Pujara is in, let us all hope that he shines on the foreign soil as well and makes sure that the no. 3 position in the indian test team remains ‘The Wall’.


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